January 23, 2008


Dear fellow homeowners,


Over the past year the board has attempted to raise the level of communication between the board and the rest of the homeowners and in that spirit I intend to continue our newsletter with the help of Dianne Reinoso and also to write a short note to help keep everyone updated on things that effect our community. The primary function of the board is to insure that the money collected from dues is spent efficiently and equitably and to maintain the property so that the investment we have made in our homes is both protected and grows in value. Our fiscal year runs from July through June. With 170 homes contributing $250 per month we have an annual budget of $510,000. Over half of those funds are budgeted for utilities and upkeep on our thirty-year-old wooden homes. Another $150,000 is used to keep the common area landscaping mowed and trimmed and our pool and tennis courts running. Every contract we have is reviewed annually in order to maximize the funds available and occasionally we have to change providers. This year we changed landscaping companies that resulted in a potential savings of over $40,000. I am very confident that Carolina Outdoor Care will do an excellent job and I would encourage you to check out their website at www.carolinaoutdoorcare.com. Your homeowner dues provide for the landscape maintenance of the common area grounds only. It is the responsibility of each individual homeowner to care for the foundation plantings around their own home. In the past, the landscape company has trimmed shrubs on homeowner property but that has come at a high price and in order to keep this expense down, it has become necessary to require each of us to take the responsibility for our own bushes and flowerbeds. I know there are some of us who either donít want to do yard work or physically canít do it, so it may be necessary get help. Carolina Outdoor Care is available for this service and you may call them at 847-1975 to set an appointment for them to come out to give you a quote.

Thank you for your continued support and comments. I would invite each of you to our next homeowners meeting February 18 at 6:30 in the meeting room by the pool. If anyone has any interest in being on the board this next year or would like to serve on a committee, please call me at 608-9965.


Ron Weisenfeld

President Whitehall




Painting Schedule

Painting for this fiscal year has been suspended due to higher than expected costs. Painting will resume in June at units 5800-5806. The following units are projected for next fiscal year as well depending on funds available. 5710-5744, 5711-5753.


The homeowner board members will be walking the property each Saturday before the Monday meeting. We will be inspecting the landscape, painting, decks and porches, completion of work order requests and any other potential problem areas. Each month we will walk approximately ľ of the property with the goal of seeing the entire property each quarter. We will also be checking on compliance with Whitehall rules and regulations.


The Whitehall website located at www.whitehallcomunity.com is being updated. The new rules and regulations along with current forms for maintenance requests and architectural requests will be available soon. The plan is to have it updated monthly with current news and other items of interest for the community. The new board members and contacts are already available on the site.