Living in Whitehall

Important Information for Whitehall Residents



Living in Whitehall

This page contains important information that you need to know if you live in Whitehall.

Here, you will find links to the Whitehall covenants and amendments, basic informationa about parking and about using the community's facilities, and interactive forms for requesting repairs and services or requesting permission to alter your home or yard.


Community Costs and Upkeep

Whitehall is a mature community, with infrastructure needs that are increasing with the age of the homes and the building materials from which they were constructed. Changing code requirements have also contributed to the ongoing need for repair, upkeep, and maintenance. The current homeowners' association fee of $285.00 per month covers exterior maintenance, grounds maintenance and upkeep, and communal area upkeep as well as painting and roof replacement.


Rules and Regulations

Microsoft Word Version


Work Order Request Form (Maintenance request) (Word DOCX)

Work Order Request Form (Maintenance request) (PDF)

Architectural change request (Word)

Architectural change request (PDF)

Common Area Plantings Request Form (PDF)




Living in Whitehall

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