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Whitehall Homeowners Assocation

HOA Meetings

Whitehall HOA meetings are held the third Monday of every month at 6:30 p.m. in the building next to the swimming pool.

A Meeting's Normal Schedule:
6:30 in the Whitehall Meeting Room
6:30-7:00 owner forum
7:00 - Executive Session

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Whitehall Contacts

Whitehall Homeowners Association Board Members

Name Position E-mail Address
Andrew Iatridis President AndrewIatridis@whitehallcommunity.com
Tommy Gattis Vice President tommygattis@whitehallcommunity.com
Eric Redding Treasurer EricRedding@whitehallcommunity.com
Marlene Twiss Secretary marlenetwiss@whitehallcommunity.com
Lisa Williams Director lisawilliams@whitehallcommunity.com
Margaret Dee Director MargaretDee@whitehallcommunity.com
David Railean dcrailean@whitehallcommunity.com

Other Whitehall Contacts

Name Position E-mail Address
Whitehall Garden Whitehall Garden
General Information
Tom Williams - Newsletter 2013   NewsLetter@whitehallcommunity.com



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