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Whitehall Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want to plant some azaleas in my front yard. Do I need permission?

A: Yes. If you want to plant shrubs or trees or alter the landscape in any way, you have to request the written approval of the Board. Requests for approval should be in writing on the proper form to the property manager and should include the following information:

  • Species of proposed planting
  • Proposed location of planting


Q: I want to change the color of my house next time it is painted. Can I do that? If so, what are my color choices?

A. Probably. If you want to change the color of your home, you can submit a request to the Architectural Control and Grounds (AC&G) Committee. The AC&G Committee will approve or disapprove the request based on the color of other homes in the cluster and the effect of the change on the appearance of the community. If the change is approved, and if an extra coat of paint is required to cover the old color, you will be billed for the additional paint.

The following are approved house colors:

  • Smoked Pearl
  • Red Brown
  • Green
  • Light Gray
  • Heritage Blue
  • Light Brown

Trim Color: Crème

Gazebo Color: Crème


Q: There seems to be a lot of carpenter bee activity around our homes. Does the association coordinate and pay for treating the outside?

A: The Association is responsible for any damages to exterior siding due to insects (i.e. carpenter bees), and animal intrusion (i.e. squirrels or birds). We do not treat or spray due to pollinating activity of the bees, but do repair damage to the siding if it is found during preparation for painting a unit. Also... the bees (normally..) will not attack or sting humans! All such cases should be submitted on the appropriate maintenance and request form for review by the Association.


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